The Glow Story…

This is the story of two friends living in a mountain village that was missing a killer healthbar, like the ones they loved in New York and Miami. A place where you could get delicious, tasty, healthy juices, soups, snacks, and superfoods. A place where you could sign up for a three-day cleanse program and detox at home. A place filled with friendly faces that would become the go to place for health and happiness.
Now Health has a home called GLOW.
There is an inner glow that we can achieve when we are kind to our bodies and to our souls. We glow when we are happy, and we are happy when we are healthy. Health is not just a medical condition. Health is a lifestyle.
Make GLOW your destination!


Glow Products.


100% cold-pressed, vegan, no additives.


Your daily boost of deliciousness.


100% natural, freshly blended, no additives.

Nut Mylks

100% natural alternative to dairy.


Freshly made form the finest ingredients.


Freshly and healthy snacks.

Glow Cleanse.

If you have specific goals – weight, energy, mood, sleep, libido, overall health and wellbeing – the best way to get there is to do an intensive “re-set” cleanse.

A cleanse enhances the natural absorption of nutrients in the body. As solid foods are eliminated from the system, it allows the body to better focus its energy on the brain, skin, and liver, instead of the stomach and heavy digestion. This process helps to eliminate internal toxins that we encounter in our daily environment.

The Glow Cleanse program has been carefully designed by experts in the field of health and nutrition, including Jill Pettijohn to bring you the best products, ingredients and results for your pursuit of better health and enhanced wellbeing.

There are three programs: a 1-day, 3-day and a 5-day cleanse to give your body a break from processed foods and fill it with excellent raw nutrients. Doing this will result in better digestion, increased energy and feeling lighter.The expertly designed GLOW CLEANSE programs will help your body get rid of substances that are toxic, so you can start again and be your healthiest self!


Souping is the new juicing! You get the benefits, you eat the greens, and you feel great. All our soups are gluten/lactose/wheat free, 100% vegan freshly made every day, ready to be slightly reheated (no high temperatures) for a more filling way to energize while loosing a few.

100% Raw Cold-Pressed Juices

All of our juices and shots are 100% raw cold-pressed. We use the best cold-press technology with our commercial grade Pomeroy X-1 hydraulic press for all of our juices. We press only fruits and vegetables without adding any water. Just good stuff and that’s it.

Sourced Locally

We believe that freshness and quality is highly critical for the benefits of our products, and therefore we put importance on understanding where exactly our ingredients come from. We work closely with a local distributor who helps us source both Swiss and imported fruits and vegetables from quality farmers.

The Taste Experience

We pride ourselves in creating amazing flavours for all of our juices, smoothies, soups and snacks. We extract the finest content from all kinds of soft & hard vegetables, like spinach, kale, swiss chard, cucumbers, lettuce, and as well from fresh herbs and roots, such as parsley, mint, and ginger – just to name a few! We have carefully crafted the content combination to give you the ultimate taste experience that is unparalleled by any other juices or cleanse programs available in Switzerland

100% Raw, Natural and Vegan

All of our products are 100% natural, raw, unpasteurized and without artificial additives in any of our products. All of our products use freshly sourced ingredients and are produced the following day of each order. Our smoothies, nut mylks and soups are freshly blended daily with our Vitamix blenders.

Quality Ingredients

We have a strong quality control on incoming produce and in turn in our production and products. We regularly test our ingredients for pesticides to ensure there is no exposure in our products. Similarly, we can confirm that all ingredients and products are GMO-free.

Home Deliveries

We want to be purveyors of health and offer fresh, healthy options to consumers in a convenient way. Our products are produced fresh for every order and delivered from Monday-Saturday directly to your door.

High Nutritional Content & Shelf life

We are able to minimize oxidation in our pressed juices and shots, while releasing more essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes into each juice allowing a shelf life of up to 3 days. Our freshly made smoothies, nut mylks and soups have a shelf life of 2 days.

Powerful Superfoods

We love to play with combinations and offer supreme flavours, which are packed with nutrition – our products contain a wide array of spices and superfoods. We work with a highly credible partner in Switzerland to ensure fair trade and organic ingredients from reputable sources.


We base our business model on understanding the entire supply chain from the source of growth, to delivery to the consumer and also disposal after consumption. We have chosen PET packaging due to the strong infrastructure for recycling. For all of our deliveries we use returnable isolation boxes, in order to maintain freshness and ensure zero carton-packaging end waste for the consumer and the environment.

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